sunshine in your tummy


We inspire you to hydrate and nourish yourself with
plant based deliciousness all year round!

inspiring your nutrition

What is Twist & Sprout?

Our aim is to get you feeling good about hydrating your body using fruit and vegetables! We provide feasts, treats, retreats, yummy recipes,
one to one coaching and lots of inspiration to get you on your way to feeling good!
These feasts were designed to help you make sensible food choices and encourage you to hydrate and nourish your body!


inspiring your nutrition

We Aren’t Just About Feasts…

We offer a wide range of services – if you want any more information please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Twist & Sprout Retreats provide an opportunity to experience the ideal combination of raw food & ashatanga yoga as a lifestyle.


We offer a simple and clean experience tailored to support & nurture the digestive system with a strong focus on detox.

Stuck for ideas? 
Check out our recipe bank!
It’s full of ideas to get you started on your journey to eating fresh. 

From yummy pesto, to soups and smoothies, the recipe bank has got you covered!

Hands on learning is the quickest, most effective way to improve your kitchen habits & implement positive changes to your diet!

We also offer private catering! Click the link below to learn more.

Group Classes can be conducted in your own kitchen, on Zoom or in the Twist & Sprout Kitchen. 


We are here to help you learn as a group, or to cater your events!


Get your hands on our yummy snacks! We can send you our scrumptious treats in the post, ready for you to eat! 
These treats are a fantastic way to get that sweet fix whilst providing your body with yummy nutrition.
Who says you can’t do both?

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