Want to include more raw food into your diet? It doesn’t have to be big or scary-here’s how we do it. Use what works for you.

Getting Started

Choose a recipe; write a shopping list; buy some ingredients; prepare them; eat them; enjoy them.  Repeat. It can be as easy as you want it to be.

The recipes we offer here are split into 3 sections because that’s what works for us:

‘Liquid Gold': drinks that offer us nutrition like smoothies, juices and elixirs. 

‘In a Hurry': meals that can be made in 5 minutes anywhere and any time. 

‘Chocovision': Cacao (chocolate in it’s purest form) based consumbales. 

If you would like to explore further, there are many more recipes posted on the blog that offer a variety of simple and healthy things to eat. 


Liquid Gold- (best in the morning and afternoon.)

1- Green Juice, fruit juice

2- Smoothie- green, fruit

3- Elixir- hot,  cold

In a Hurry – (best for lunch/dinner/snacks)

1-Salads; Green, Fruit

2-Wraps; Nori, Lettuce

3- Sprouts; Sprout Salad, Sprouts as ‘rice’.

Chocovision (for the sweet tooth times and afternoon slumps)

1. Drink it; elixir, smoothie

2. Chew it; truffles, brownies

3. Spread it; tahini & bee-pollen, cacao & vanilla.

Tips and Tricks

And finally, here are some suggestions to help you along the way.


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